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FIW Series Impingement tunnel freezer

FIW Series Impingement tunnel freezer
Scope of application and product advantages of FIW series impingement tunnel freezer:
The impingement tunnel freezer is suitable for large volume, thick product thickness, and the rapid freezing of most packaged products.
Now the main application objects are: quick-frozen aquatic products, boxed shrimp, quick-frozen cakes, pre-made dishes, meat segmentation, bagged fruit pulp, etc.
The output of the impingement tunnel freezer ranges from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
The impingement tunnel freezer adopts the high-efficiency centrifugal fan direct-blowing structure to maximize the utilization rate of wind, increase the wind speed, and improve the freezing efficiency of the product.
The impingement tunnel freezer uses a plurality of high-pressure air duct fans to spray the wind onto the upper and lower surfaces of the product through specially customized nozzles of special specifications. Quick freeze effect. The unique jet blowing design is adopted to improve the quick-freezing efficiency of cold air on frozen products. The wind blows the frozen products up and down, which makes the frozen products freeze faster and have a uniform quality. At the same time, the import and export ports are designed to install low temperature resistant soft air curtains. The internal air guide adjustment device can adjust the wind direction at any time to control the symmetry of the cold air without overflowing. The wind guide device is installed on the side of the wall panel of the vertical tuyere of the fan; the adjustable wind shield and heat preservation device controls the feeding height and avoids the loss of cooling capacity.
The impingement tunnel freezer will be a freezer with better freezing effect than the liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer, but it is more energy efficient than the liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer.
Impingement tunnel freezer will have greater market potential.
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