About First Cold Chain

Founding & Growth

Tianjin First Cold Chain Equipment Co. Ltd is specialized in IQF tunnel freezer equipment, refrigeration equipment and food machinery. We own three processing plants. We are committed to food IQF freezer machine, fast cooling machine, refrigeration compressors, cold storage and refrigeration system separate series, and complete sets of quick-frozen food cold speed line design in five series and dozens of varieties, production and installation.


The factory was established in 2000, research and development of tunnel freezer and successfully to the market and provide supporting cold storage and refrigeration unit design and production installation.


2003 to meet the needs of the market to develop spiral IQF freezer and to the market.


2005 In order to meet the customer demand for frozen seafood products, flat freezer to the market


2006 to meet the needs of customers frozen fruits and vegetables, the successful promotion of fluidized quick-freezing machine.


In 2008 the company's products exported to Spain, Britain and other developed countries and received unanimous praise.


The company's products are exported to South America, West Africa and other countries,


2012 to meet the needs of market development, to meet customer demand for higher cold quality, the company out of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine and the success of the market, the current liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine is mainly adapted to the larger, higher value-added products Of frozen food.


2013 companies with the company continue to grow and develop, the company out of high temperature and low humidity defrosting machine to meet customer demand for thawing equipment.


As of 2017, the products have been exported to the world more than 50 countries and regions.


As of 2020, the high efficiency impact quick freezer exported to Mexcio .