Tianjin First Cold Chain Equipment Co. Ltd is specialized in frozen equipment, refrigeration equipment and food machinery. We own three processing plants. We are committed to food quick-freezing machine, fast cooling machine, refrigeration compressors, cold storage and refrigeration system separate series, and complete sets of quick-frozen food cold speed line design in five series and dozens of varieties, production and installation.

We can provide our customers with technical advice and product information for

According to customer's needs to provide a reasonable price.

According to the customer's needs we can do non-standardized design and

Products have quality problems, two years of free mailing equipment accessories, life-long technical support and maintenance.

We randomly provide equipment for wearing parts,We are free to carry out technical guidance, from your own to rule out the simple failure of the equipment.

We will provide the technical training and technical data of the relevant personnel in accordance with the requirements of the customer.