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Thawing machine

Thawing machine

The thawing machine use air as medium to thaw way usually has still air type, flow and pressure and so on, yet the thaw means of forced ventilation, while it is possible to improve the speed of thaw, but brought be unfrozen product surface drying, quality decline of negative effect.

it is to use low temperature humidification way, let the air circulation in low temperature environment of high humidity, unfreezing indoor form high humidity of the air flow, avoid to produce thawing product surface drying phenomenon.

It adopts unique efficient humidifier, guarantees the thawing process under different temperature environment humidity requirement, make different thaw frozen meat to achieve high quality, through the control program to realize automatic thawing process. 

It realized that the time of defrosting was shortened, the defrost was uniform, the temperature of the food center was small and the temperature of the surface temperature was small, the loss rate of the juice was low.

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