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FSLD Series IQF freezer

FSLD Series IQF freezer

Structural features and performance of FSLD series fluidized bed IQF freezer:
1. The fluidized quick-freezer is suitable for the individual freezing of various fruits and vegetables, and the output ranges from 100kg/h to 10T/H. Non-standard designs can be provided according to customer requirements to better meet customer demand for products.
2. The process structure parameters are designed according to the characteristics of quick freezing of frozen products, and the evaporator is designed with a large effective surface area; the large-spaced aluminum alloy finned tube group is used, and the design of variable plate spacing reduces the temperature difference between the evaporator and the warehouse. The design selection is based on the evaporation temperature. Calculated at -42 degrees Celsius. Sufficient evaporation area, high heat exchange efficiency, fully consider the influence of incoming and outgoing temperature, the design makes frosting lag and prolongs the working time of the quick freezer.
3. The evaporator is equipped with a high-efficiency, low-noise, waterproof, moisture-proof, and low-temperature eddy current fan.
4. Using the fluidized bed principle of -35℃ temperature in the warehouse and blowing under the tunnel and the vibration device of the surface freezing section, the frozen product can reduce the temperature of the product to -18℃ under the combined action of floating creep and variable frequency conveyor belt, evenly Quick monomer freezing, automatic blanking for shipment.
5. The organic combination of evaporator, fan, air guide device, vibrating device and stirring device forms a uniform and stable frozen product and a negative feedback fluidized bed with multi-directional air flow to the monomer, which makes the monomer of the frozen product freeze faster. , uniform quality;
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