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Blast Freezer

Blast Freezer
The temperature of the blast freezer is generally -25 ℃ ~ -35 ℃, which is mainly used for low-temperature quick freezing of food, medicine, medicinal materials, chemical raw materials and other items. The general requirements of blast freezer are that the cooled food should be quick-frozen immediately; the food should pass through the maximum ice crystal zone in a very short time; the average temperature of the food after freezing should be -18℃.
The blast freezer generally requires a small storage capacity and a large cooling capacity. Different freezing times and different incoming quantities of products will have very different prices.
First Cold Chain freezer design features and advantages:
1. Use the most advanced refrigeration technology and insulation board manufacturing technology.
2. The thermal insulation board of the blast freezer has good thermal insulation performance, quickly reaches the set temperature and saves electricity costs.
3. The thickness of the warehouse plate is generally 150mm and 200mm. The board is filled with polyurethane thermal insulation material. Both sides are plastic-coated color steel plate or stainless steel plate. The color steel plate surface is processed into invisible grooves, which are light in weight, high in strength and good in heat insulation , Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, the storage board is easy and quick to assemble, it is one of the best materials for the cold storage insulation storage body.
4. The blast freezer adopts advanced microco mputer control system and advanced control method, and the liquid crystal displays the temperature in the warehouse, the boot time, the time of the box, the delay time of the fan, the alarm indication and various technical parameters. The operation is simple and the user is very convenient to use.
5. The main components of the blast freezer are imported from internationally renowned brands, which ensure that the quick-freezing warehouse has reasonable configuration, stable operation, good thermal insulation performance, low consumption and high energy, and excellent quality.
6. The overall dimensions of the blast freezer, the temperature of the warehouse, the placement position of the unit, the opening of the warehouse door, the layout of the warehouse, etc., all of which can be customized according to the specific requirements of users. To meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.
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