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FSW series Tunnel freezer

FSW series Tunnel freezer

FSW series Tunnel Freezer Product Introduction
FSW series quick-freezing tunnel is a food quick-freezing device with mature structure and stable performance. The transmission structure is simple and the shipment is convenient. According to customer requirements, the output varies from 100 kg per hour to 3000 kg per hour.
Mainly used for quick-frozen dumplings, meat patties, chopped meat, fish and shrimp and other seafood, prepared foods and other foods of various specifications. A freezer is a freezing device that can freeze a large amount of products in a short period of time. The core temperature of frozen items can reach -18° so that nutrients are not lost.
Features of tunnel freezer
1. The quick-freezing tunnel adopts the international advanced quick-freezing technology and frequency conversion speed regulation. Stainless steel mesh belt, high elastic stainless steel wire, smooth surface and strong bearing capacity; the frequency converter adjusts the transmission speed steplessly.
2. Longitudinal blowing circulation air supply mode, arc-shaped air duct, to ensure uniform and fast freezing of food.
3. The insulation board is covered with double-sided SUS304 stainless steel 150mm thickness, rigid polyurethane foam, insulation board density 42kg/m3, convex groove installation, eccentric hook connection, stronger insulation effect, insulation warehouse body is equipped with access door.
4. The inner and outer frame structure is food grade stainless steel, and the contact part with the mesh belt is made of wear-resistant ultra-high molecular polyethylene to prolong the service life of the equipment.
5. All-aluminum alloy evaporator, variable plate spacing, large fins, while improving heat transfer efficiency and extending the continuous working time of the equipment.
6. It is suitable for quick freezing of noodles, meat products, fruits and vegetables.
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