Analytic refrigeration unit system

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Analytic refrigeration unit system
Issue Time:2019-01-12

Analytic refrigeration unit system

Cooling unit is also called: freezer, chiller, cooling equipment, because of the use of a wide range of industries, so the requirements for chiller units are also different. It includes four main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve. Its working principle is a multifunctional machine that removes the liquid vapor through the compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. The heart of the refrigeration equipment in the cold storage is the refrigeration unit.

Installation of Refrigeration Unit in Cold Storage

1. The closer the refrigerator compressor is to the evaporator, the better, the main maintenance is easy, the heat dissipation is better, for example, the outdoor installation should pay attention to the rain proof, the four corners of the main engine need to place the shock proof gasket, the horizontal installation is firm, the attention safety is not easy to be touched by the person.

2. The closer the radiator is to the host, the better, it is better to be in the upper position of the host. The installation of the radiator has the best heat dissipation environment, and the suction air outlet cannot be applied to the air outlet of other equipment, especially the oily gas. Air outlet must not short circuit and face to other windows and equipment, should be 2 meters high from the ground, the installation level is firm.

3, Copper pipe discharge all copper pipe should wear insulation pipe and the same direction wire together with air conditioning strapping band together, as far as possible straight pipe sample and segment fixed, insulation pipe and insulation pipe joint place with electrician glue cloth close.

4. All wires should be protected by corrugated hoses or grooves except by air conditioning strapping. Temperature shows that wires are not tied to the wires as far as possible.