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China & ASEAN Cold Chain Logistics Conference

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China & ASEAN Cold Chain Logistics Conference

Issue Time:2018-05-29

 China- ASEAN construction &cold chain energy efficiency technology cooperation conference opening on 29th-31th May at Anhui province

Forum topic :economic route of one belt & road based cold chain logistics development 

speech topic: The development staus and trend of china cold room industry. speaker : China cold chain logistics Alliance LIu jing

speech topic: Business opportunnities in Lao PDR and ASEAN ;Speaker: Chairman of Lao Chamber of commerce and industry Ouder souvannavong.

The conference was hosted by the China-ASEAN Business Council, the China Building Energy Conservation Association, the Qingdao Kerui Group, the Executive Director of the China-ASEAN Business Council Xu Ningning and other leaders of the ASEAN countries including Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Brunei. The president of the chamber of commerce gathered in Anhui to discuss the development of cold chain technology in China and ASEAN and the project cooperation.

The conference aims to build a platform for technical cooperation to help domestic enterprises explore the international market and expand exchanges and cooperation between China and Southeast Asian countries in the development of cold chain logistics and energy conservation in cold storage buildings. The conference fully demonstrated the latest technological achievements in building energy conservation and cold chain energy saving with international leading advantages, discussed the development trend of cold chain economy, analyzed the market status of Southeast Asia, built a high-end exchange platform, and achieved regional cooperation and development.

During the one-day conference, leaders of the China Association of Building Energy Conservation and Cold Chain Logistics Industry, experts and heads of ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry, respectively, developed the Cold Chain Logistics under the One Belt One Road Economic Route, the state and trend of China's cold storage industry development, and the A-level. High-performance thermal insulation materials promoted the development of the cold chain business, broad prospects for development of the cold chain industry, potential business opportunities for cooperation, and new developments in the “Belt and Road” regional cooperation.