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China's IQF freezer and food machinery are moving in the direction of internationalization

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China's IQF freezer and food machinery are moving in the direction of internationalization
Issue Time:2018-03-21
China's freezer and food machinery are moving in the direction of internationalization
Quick Freezer and food machinery China's food machinery is moving in the direction of localization In recent years, in order to meet the domestic economic development, and the company's sustainable development requirements, especially to deal with the international financial crisis, the food machinery industry has increased investment. Vigorously researching and developing new products, the company’s scientific research, design and manufacturing capabilities have been gradually enhanced, the overall industry’s overall level of development has been further improved, and many food machinery products with high-tech levels have been developed, and they have played a huge role in food processing. Industry recognition and praise.
In the long run, China's food machinery is showing an international trend. At present, the main products in China's food machinery are developing rapidly, and the gap between developed countries and advanced technologies has narrowed significantly. Even in certain product processes, it has reached the world's advanced level. The product category has basically covered almost all products in the national market, and the quality of products has improved significantly. , In terms of reliability and stability, it has also been significantly improved, it can well meet the development of the domestic economy, and also has the ability of international high-end food machinery products.
After the rapid development of China’s food machinery research and development, many food machinery are created in China. Domestically produced machinery and equipment in production also increasingly occupy the main part of food machinery. According to relevant data, in the next five years, China’s The packaging equipment and production equipment in food machinery enterprises will fully achieve domestic production of more than 80%.
There are also products whose output ranks among the top in the world. Independent innovation capability is not only an important basis for the food industry to accelerate the transformation of development methods and achieve transformation and upgrading, but also an important guarantee for food quality and safety. With the development of society and economy, the ever-increasing demand for growth quality is bound to prompt the mechanical industry to accelerate innovation.
In terms of general equipment, we will increase development efforts. Select a group of companies with good technology and industrial foundations, and focus on supporting the development of key and complete sets of equipment with broad market prospects, high technological content, and large industrial linkages, and build a batch of production bases for domestic, intelligent, and complete sets of equipment to form a Nationally competitive and well-known brand. In the area of ​​special equipment for the industry, it will focus on the development of fruit and vegetable processing, dairy product processing, aquatic product processing, livestock slaughter and processing equipment and beverage manufacturing, food packaging and other equipment.