Development Prospect of freezing and Refrigeration and Cold chain Logistics Technology

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Development Prospect of freezing and Refrigeration and Cold chain Logistics Technology

Issue Time:2018-03-29

  People are as dependent on food as fish are on water. In the past, people used to grow and produce their own food, and in modern times, people want food. Most of the time we have to rely on the processing of the food industry. Of course, with the development of the food industry, our diet is much richer than before. So, the food industry is a huge contribution to human society. To some extent, it is the witness of historical development and the promoter of historical development.

   In the food industry , refrigeration and refrigeration equipment is the most important requirement for food industry . The basic requirements for food are freshness , and many refrigeration and refrigeration equipment meet the needs of people .

   There are two cooling methods for refrigeration equipment: direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling is that the evaporator of the refrigerator is installed in the box or building of the refrigeration plant, and the air therein is cooled directly by the evaporation of the refrigerant. This cooling method has the advantages of fast cooling rate, small heat transfer temperature difference and simple system, so it is widely used.

  Nowadays, the application of refrigeration equipment in the market is more and more common. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, meat products are gradually becoming a necessity in people's diet and life, and the meat consumption market is mostly fresh meat. Combined with the development of cold storage equipment and cold chain logistics equipment, as well as the increasing awareness of healthy nutrition among consumers, the understanding of cold fresh meat is getting deeper and deeper, and the market for cold fresh meat is expanding day by day

   As we know, cold meat, also called acid meat, chilled meat, chilled meat, refrigeration equipment needs rapid cooling at -20 Deg. C, and in 24 hours the meat deep temperature to 0 to -4 DEG C, thereafter, meat processing, transportation, must ensure that under the cold chain logistics equipment control storage process. And these are explained in the fresh, chilled meat demand is high, just development momentum, the best period to the development is the refrigeration and cold chain logistics technology.