Commercial Vs Flash: Which is best for you?

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Commercial Vs Flash: Which is best for you?

Issue Time:2018-03-08
What is a Commercial Freezer?
A commercial freezer is a machine that is used by businesses to freeze large amounts of products at the same time and thereby increase the longevity of their products through freezing. Regular freezers are unable to handle the large demands posed by businesses and often fail at freezing food properly.
This is where commercial freezers come in. They are able to operate efficiently during busy work hours and are specifically designed keeping the needs of a business in mind.

The Benefits of a Commercial Freezer:
Commercial freezers are often used by businesses for their scale. Where most normal refrigerators are unable to handle the stock that businesses often have in terms of inventory, Commercials Freezers pick up the slack.
With large inventory space and significantly stronger cooling, businesses from all fields including restaurants, factories and even schools use commercial freezers to maintain their inventory.
However Commercial Freezers do have their shortcomings too as we will discuss soon.

What is a Flash Freezer?
The Benefits of a Flash Freezer:
A Flash Freezer, while still a commercial freezer has certain specialized features that set it apart from the usual run of the mill commercial freezer.
Flash Freezers, unlike their commercial freezer counterparts are able to freeze food much more rapidly.
Unlike regular freezers which are usually used for storage, Flash Freezers are used for rapid cooling of produce prior to storage in separate units. Products are placed in the Flash Freezer for high speed cooling and then placed into storage for use later.
Our Flash Freezers boast great quality when it comes to preservation of flavor, texture and consistency. With minimal drip loss and high rates of freezing, you can rest easy knowing that upon defrosting, your food will be just as tasty as it was prior to freezing.

Our range of Flash Freezers:
When it comes to finding a freezer that can function as both a commercial freezer while providing the benefits of rapid flash freezing technology, you cannot go wrong with our like of 3D Freezers and Re Joice Freezers.
Our flash freezers are specialized in rapidly freezing food and hitting all the marks on the checklist that business owners look for when searching for a product to provide the best in terms of freezing.
While commercial freezers provide the usual benefits of refrigeration, it is often not enough as customers and their demand for the best is something that is crucial for every business to meet in order to stay ahead of the competition.

blast freezer design options
Commercial Flash Freezers
When it comes to Freezers that really work both to increase preservation time while maintaining flavor, texture, and overall moisture of the product. Our commercial flash freezer line inclusive of 3D Freezer and ReJoice Freezer both focus on these 3 main principals.
From our experience, all of our clients wanted a freezer that is fast yet retains product quality after the freezing process. For them to find such commercial freezers was not an easy task.
With over 15 years of experience in the business of commercial freezers, we were able to help each one of our clients find the freezer that was right for their business. We also want to help you find the right freezer to properly preserve your products. We understand how hard it can be to find a good freezer, so let us help you find the best freezer to suit your business and your own personal needs.

If you have any questions or you are interested in one of our freezers, please send us a  quick message via the  mail toggle today!