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Matters needing attention in the initial cooling of Cold Storage

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Matters needing attention in the initial cooling of Cold Storage
Issue Time:2017-11-21

Matters needing attention in the initial cooling of Cold Storage

Before the cold storage is put into operation, it is very important to install and debug the cold storage system. Only through the cooling debugging can the temperature in the cold storage be lowered to the temperature it needs. To avoid the destruction of the civil structure of warehouse because of the sudden decrease in temperature, let's understand how the Huatze cold chain is done during the first cooling process.

First of all, we should do a good job in preparing for the cooling system, and also do a good job of vacuum pumping. In a slow way, the temperature in the storehouse will gradually decrease, and then we can evaluate the effect of cooling. In fact, there is a certain reason why we should slow down the temperature, so that the water contained in the building works can be drained slowly towards the outside, which can also avoid the sudden drop in temperature of the civil works. Or because the moisture content is frozen and damaged, it can also prevent a phenomenon of cold contraction caused by the excessive temperature drop, resulting in the impact on the external wall structure of civil engineering. This is actually an important part of the installation process of cryogenic cold storage.

When refrigeration is installed in a cryogenic cold storage, it is thus operated for the first time. In the first step, the pressure difference is used to fill the nitrogen, the second step is properly supplied to the evaporator, and the third step is done through a slow cooling operation. 4th steps will result in extreme cooling. At this point, we need to verify the effect of cooling. The general cooling effect of the freezing room is quite good. We can find that in a limited period of time, The evaporation temperature and the temperature of the storehouse can both drop to the normal range rapidly, and the rate of cooling can also meet the requirements. The natural temperature rise in the storehouse is also quite normal, at the same time, After a slow cooling, the walls of the warehouse are generally dry, without cracks or deformation.

When the cold storage is installed, if the first cooling adjustment can be carried out, then the civil structure can also be protected to a certain extent, so as not to cause damage to the civil structure because of the sudden lowering of the temperature.