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Tunnel Freezer

Tunnel Freezer


Freezing Capacity: 50-2,000 kg/hr


The Tunnel Freezer is designed to freeze a wide variety of frozen products such as raw meat, meat patties, shrimp, squid, fish, fillets, buns, poultry, prepared food.etc

The product is loaded manually or by spreader shaker on to the stainless steel band belt from one end, then the product travels in to the tunnel sections, where the high velocity air blasts horizontally across the top of product surface and under the belt. 

The horizontal air direction alternates from one section to the next so as to achieve even freezing. Upon exiting the tunnel sections the frozen product releases off the belt smoothly without marks. 

The product shall be frozen in same form as it was loaded

Tunnel freezer Benefits:

Pre-assembled and fully tested at our factory.

Easily installed on site.

Built to CE ;ISO9001 Specifications & international Standards

Saving in processing floor space .

Easy access to sanitation and maintenance.

Custom designs available

benefit to freezing tunnels is that they provide high chilling and freezing quality

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