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Freeze dryer machine

Freeze dryer machine

Food industry:Vacuum freeze-dryer

can be used in the drying vegetables, fruits,meat,fish ,condition instant food keeping the food’s original fresh color,smell,taste, shape.

The freeze-dryer products can regain water competently and can be easily longer stored and less-costly transported.Pharmaceutical industry:

Vacuum freeze dryer can be used in the drying of Chinese and western leechdom such as blood serum,enzyme,antibiotics,hormone etc.CHARACTERISTIC:Electric control unit has advanced measure system which can guarantee the quality of products.

The material of drying box condenser,evaporator,vacuum tubes etc, stainless steel material require of of GMP.The refrigeration system is unipolar or bipolar which can reach the perfect low temperature and can be conveniently operated and repaired.

Can be designed and produced according to the requirement of customer

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