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The five classification functions of the cold storage installation refrigeration function

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The five classification functions of the cold storage installation refrigeration function

Issue Time:2018-09-18

The five classification functions of the #cold storage installation refrigeration function

The refrigerated distribution center is developed on the basis of the two needs of the rationalization of refrigerated logistics and the development of the market. It is a circulating refrigerated logistics node whose main function is to organize the sale and supply of refrigerated distribution and to carry out the physical refrigerated distribution.

1. The function of the refrigerated distribution center. The refrigerated distribution center is not the same as the traditional warehouse. The general warehouse only attaches importance to the storage and storage of the goods, and the general traditional transportation only provides the commodity transportation and distribution. The refrigerated distribution center attaches importance to the omni-directional function of commodity circulation, at the same time, it has the functions of commodity storage, circulation and marketing, sorting and distribution, circulation processing and information providing.

2.The sorting refrigerated distribution function, in the refrigerated distribution center is another key sorting distribution function, because the distribution center is developed to meet the needs of a variety of small batches of customers, so the distribution center must be based on customer requirements sorting and distribution operations, and the fastest possible delivery to the customer's hands or Distribution center's sorting and distribution efficiency is the centralized embodiment of logistics quality and the most important function of distribution center.

3.The function of circulation marketing, circulation marketing is an important function of distribution center, especially in the modern industrial age, the development of various information media, coupled with the stability of commodity quality and credit. #cold room  As a result, many direct sellers use distribution centers, through cable television, or the Internet to cooperate in the marketing of goods. This kind of commodity marketing can greatly reduce the purchase cost, so it is popular with consumers.

4.The circulation processing function, the refrigerated distribution center circulation processing operation includes the classification, the scale, the big packing unpacking, the product combination packing, the trademark, the label adhesive operation and so on. These operations are an important means to improve the service quality of refrigerated distribution center.

5.The function of providing information. In addition to having the functions of marketing, distribution, circulation, processing, storage and storage, the refrigerated distribution center can also provide a variety of information and intelligence for the refrigerated distribution center itself and the upstream and downstream enterprises. For refrigerated distribution center operation management policy formulation, commodity route development, commodity sales promotion policy formulation reference.