IQF: What is IQF and how does it work

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IQF: What is IQF and how does it work

Issue Time:2018-03-08

What is individual quick freezing?

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What is IQF:

When it comes to frozen goods and food storage, the term IQF stands for “Individually Quick Frozen

The IQF method of freezing is special because of its ability to individually freeze all its components and keep them separate from each other.

For example, if we were to use an IQF freezer to freeze a batch of berries, the berries would not be clumped and frozen together. Instead, each individual berry would be separate within the batch. This makes it much easier to individually freeze and store products like peaches, berries, peas, fish, shrimp and poultry.

Advancement both in how the products are frozen as well as the speed at which a product can be completely frozen are reaching new heights in the technological sense.

Frozen storage methods have also advanced over the years, but one of the biggest focuses is the speed at which products are being frozen. That is where IQF technology came into play in the frozen food market. IQF freezing allows business owners to individually freeze a large portion of the products at the same time. This method of freezing revolutionized the market as a whole.

How does IQF Work:

The process of IQF relies on freezing the product extremely quickly. Fast enough freezing causes much smaller ice crystals to develop within the product. Ice Crystals that develop with slower methods of freezing are bigger and these crystals damage the cells and tissues of the product.

This is the concept behind the process of IQF.
Food and produce that is frozen through slower means of freezing tend to be dry and damaged when they are defrosted. The formation of larger ice crystals damage the cell walls and reduce the quality of the food. IQF freezing however does not allow the process of bigger ice crystal formation to take place.

The process of ice crystallization takes place between 30 to 25º F or -1 to -4º C. IQF Freezers freeze content extremely fast, bypassing this crucial zone as quickly as possible. This ensures that the food manages to freeze while barely having the chance to develop ice crystals within itself, thereby maintaining product quality.

By quickly freezing the product, the cells within the food are undamaged and preserved so that a higher quality result is acquired every time.

Our very own 3D Freezer Line comes with IQF Freezing Capabilities. With the best in Japanese Freezing Technology our 3D Freezers come packed with a myriad of features guaranteed to give you the edge you need in your business.


IQF Compatible Flash Freezers!

3d tunnel freezer model

Our IQF compatible tunnel based model has numerous features. Below are some of the features that our IQF capable freezer has.

-ACVCS Technology
-360 Degree freezing to freeze all surfaces at the same time!
-Frozen contents WILL maintain original texture and flavor
-No ice buildup in the vents for easy cleaning. Guaranteed
-Capable of continuous 24 hour freezing!
-Freezer models customization to fit any space.
-Low cost, fast and effective freezing

Our freezer line also comes with an Anti Cycle Vibration Cold system, or ACVCS for short. 
This system basically makes sure that air is cycled within the freezer and no new outside air is mixed in, so as to optimize freezing the contents inside the 3D freezer. These contents are then frozen from all angles thanks to our 3D freezers special 360 Degree freezing technology which ensures that the product is being frozen equally and evenly from all sides. This feature helps increase freezing times while decrease freeze burn!

These IQF technology features are what set us apart from other IQF technology based freezers in the market. With advanced flash freezing technology on the forefront, you can trust us that your products will be perfectly frozen each and every time.

If you want access to the fastest air based freezer in the market, then the 3D freezer is right for you. With high end flash freezer specs, speed, and quality built, make it one of the best choice for business professions that want to expand their business and want to speed up production.

Fast, Precise, 360° Coverage and Reliable, you cannot go wrong with our exclusive 3D Freezer Line.

If you are interested in IQF technology and want to know more about how you can implement our freezers into your business please contact us .