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How to choose Cold storage air cooler and pipe selection

How to choose Cold storage air cooler and pipe selection
Update Time:2020-03-15

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The choice of cold storage or cold storage is good, and many friends are very uptight. Some confuse the air cooler with the air-cooled air-conditioning unit. Some do not know how to choose. What is the best choice for the cold-storage air-conditioning system?
Generally speaking, we do recommend the use of air coolers for easy installation. If it is a large-scale cold room, when the exterior height of the cold storage is high, the internal machine adopts a row tube, so the installation is inconvenient and has a certain potential safety hazard. The chiller is easy to dismantle and is suitable for use in high temperature storage.
Low-temperature cold storage or ultra-low temperature cold storage, refrigeration encyclopedia recommended to use the row of tubes, the market to do low-temperature cold storage, using a row of tubes out of many machines. Considering from a long-term perspective, the use of platoon pipes makes the cooling capacity in the cold storage even and saves energy and power, but it also has certain disadvantages. The price is relatively high, and it is inconvenient to install compared to chillers.
It is perfectly possible to use a chiller at a low temperature of minus 18 degrees or minus 25 degrees, and there is no need to worry about the frosting problem. However, if it is a cryogenic cold storage, it is recommended to use a platoon pipe. Of course, this is closely related to the budget of the cold storage owners.
Cold storage chooses cooling fan or row pipe from the following points of view
1. From the cooling effect:
The cooling effect of the pipe is slightly better than that of the cooling fan. The heat conduction of the pipe is faster than the cooling fan, especially the aluminum row, so the general high-temperature library can be used with a cooling fan. We recommend using the pipe for low temperature or ultra-low temperature storage. , And because the distribution of the pipe is relatively balanced, so the cooling capacity is relatively uniform, can achieve the effect of energy saving.
2. From the scope of application:
Because the row pipe is a pipe type evaporator, it can strongly lock in moisture. Because the air blower is a wind blower, it will evaporate water, making the product in the store dry and wither. Therefore, it is suitable for products with a lot of water, such as pipe line. Ice cream ice cream, fruits and vegetables, etc., and the chiller, then apply to dry goods, dried fresh, frozen meat, etc., so generally choose to install pipe or fan, mainly to see which match your product more.
3. From the height of the library:
If it is a large-scale cold storage, and the cold room library has a relatively high external height, it is recommended that the internal unit use a cooling fan. If the exhaust pipe is used, the installation is very inconvenient and there is a certain potential safety hazard. The chiller is more convenient to use in high warehouses because of disassembly and assembly.
4. From the perspective of economic adjustment:
In general, due to the cooling performance and production cost of the pipe, the price of the pipe is generally slightly higher than that of the cooling fan, especially the aluminum pipe. However, the long-term operation of the cooler bank consumes more power than the aluminum pipe storage. Whether it is a fan or a fan, it is still based on the budget.