Why Choose First Cold Chain Tunnel Freezer

Why Choose First Cold Chain Tunnel Freezer
Update Time:2020-01-28

Tunnel freezer advantage 

A. The overall structure

The use of stainless steel overhead tripod, flat to install the ground foundation without special requirements, the bottom of the library design a certain degree of tilt, easy to clean, to minimize the breeding of bacteria.


1. tunnel Freezer body based on the indoor assembled cold storage (ZBX99003-86), "combination refrigerator with heat insulation sandwich board" JB/T6527-2006 standard production, production, installation and acceptance. Library board adopts double stainless steel self-extinguishing flame retardant polyurethane sandwich insulation board, panel thickness 0.8mm+0.5mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, the plate thickness 150mm.

2. Thermal insulation material, the plate adopts self-extinguishing flame retardant rigid polyurethane meet the following indicators: 40 kg/m3 density requirements or greater (less than a full board average density, then cutting sampling density); Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.024 w/m.k or less; Requirement: the compressive strength of the wall panel, roof is 150 ~ 200 Kpa, ground 300 Kpa or higher

Bibulous rate is 4% or less; Dimensional stability < 1% (30 ℃, 48 h); Self-extinguishing 7 seconds or less.

3. The door : Library door for the double seal and with electric heating, effectively prevent freezing.

C .Mechanical transmission

1. Conveyor belt, chain network USES the food grade bright spring SUS304 stainless steel, with smooth surface, plate, wear shaft connected with flexible operation, large roller transmission chain net rolling;

2. Mesh belt and guide slide friction in contact area using high molecular wear-resisting PVC materials. Make  guide slide friction is more reliable when in contact with the mesh belt and separation, not to drop crumbs, ensure the security of the frozen goods.

3. Inlet platform fortification material ultra-high transfinite device, adjustable stainless steel wind insulation device; discharging mouth platform set up automatic blanking.

4. The transmit driver using frequency conversion speed reducer, mesh belt running frequency control of motor speed, frozen time adjusted.

D. Evaporator, and Defrosting

1. Evaporator according to feed liquid evaporation temperature -45℃ design selection.

2. Evaporator using efficient is treated by surface oxidation rust from aluminum finned tube, to ensure uniform frost, air flow, bracket plate shell adopts stainless steel wind.

3. With high efficiency and energy saving, low noise axial flow fan, ram is stainless steel, it is anti-rust aluminum alloy blades, motor is fully enclosed moisture proof waterproof at low temperature, stable running.

4. Adopts manual gas defrosting method, gas defrosting water spray device in evaporator, strong frost uniform, rapid, complete, gas defrosting drain avoid ice blocking drainage and wind circulation, fortification gas defrosting water splash.

E. Electric control

1. All motors and power distribution cabinet external electrical components is not lower than IP55 protection grade, motor uses Y2 type waterproof.

2. Equipment, safety protection device is installed inside, can timely show abnormal of equipment operation, so that timely troubleshooting, import and export are equipped with an emergency stop device.

3. Electrical materials: the main control electrical components mainly adopts Schneider brand.

4.According to the customers requirement offer PLC

F. Compressor unit 

Compressor unit use well-know brand + company independent design and assembly, improve efficiency and prolong service life.