Compressor how to replace refrigerated oil ?

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Compressor how to replace refrigerated oil ?
Issue Time:2019-03-03

Compressor how to replace refrigerated oil ?

A .The effect of Frozen Oil

1) Lubrication. It can lubricate the surface of moving parts of compressor, reduce resistance and friction, reduce power consumption and extend service life.

2) Cooling effect. It can take away the heat generated by the friction on the moving surface in time to prevent the compressor from rising too high temperature or burning the compressor.

3) Sealing. The lubricating oil is penetrated into the sealing surface of each friction piece to form an oil seal, so as to prevent the leakage of the refrigerant.

4) Reducing compressor noise. Lubricating oil constantly rinse the friction surface, take away the wear and tear, can reduce the wear of friction parts.

B. Conditions for replacement of refrigerated oil

1, The refrigeration unit works for a long time, the compressor runs 2000 hours to the initial maintenance period, and then accumulates operation 10,000 hours, 12, 000 hours to change the oil.

2. If the motor burns down, the compressor needs to be replaced. After replacement, 100 hours of continuous operation will require replacement of oil.

3, Refrigeration unit used to drain cold storage after 100 hours of operation to replace refrigerated oil

4, Change the oil according to the cleanliness of the refrigerated oil in the refrigeration system.

C. Code of practice for replacing refrigerated oil

1, Close the high pressure exhaust valve and low pressure suction stop valve, and use the process valve needle on the press to release the refrigerant inside the press, so that the crankcase of the shrink machine can be connected with the atmosphere

2, Unscrew the oil stopper at the bottom shell of the crankcase, remove the refrigerated oil from the crankcase and remove the filter screen.

3, Nitrogen can be blown in from the low pressure inflatable valve needle, the oil discharge port can be blocked by hand to increase the pressure in the body, the residual oil in the body can be further eliminated, the cleaned filter net can be blown into the airframe and the oil plug should be tightened.

D. Refueling attention

1.Frozen oil has a certain hygroscopicity, water and oil chemical reaction in the oil, and can not be removed by vacuum, the work requires special care, as far as possible to reduce the air into the system and oil storage containers;

2. In the case of changing compressor, we should pay attention to the fact that there is a certain amount of refrigerated oil stored in the original refrigeration system, and if necessary, the storage oil in the system should be blown out. If there is a large amount of oil stored in the system, the danger of liquid strike will occur when the system is started again.

3. It is recommended not to replace refrigerated oil in rainy days.